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Egypt - Land of the Pharaohs
Egyptian Culture

Egyptian culture balances the traditional with the contemporary. Tourists planning to book holidays to Egypt are taken aback at how easily this balance is achieved. Mindful of the illustrious history of Egypt, the country combines prestigious antiquities with religious history. Certainly, tourists want to visit the tombs of the great Pharaohs and take in the breathtaking sight of the pyramids.

However, there are other package holidays as a venue for tourist activities such as cruising the Nile River, staking claim to a game of golf on the sands of an old world nation, fishing in Lake Nasser, scuba diving or just relaxing on Egyptian beaches. Yet, Egypt offers sights apart from the pyramids.

A study of the architecture of the oldest Mosques here, as well as their history, offers deeper insight of this picturesque country. For the truly adventurous, rent a camel and tour the desert. Visit a genuine desert oasis and take in the sensation of the infinity of the desert sands. If the landscape doesn't entrance tourists, the aura of magic in the air will.

No matter where one travels in this mystical land, the ancient culture abounds. In the modern city of Cairo, with its tall buildings and urban style, Egyptian culture adds the vitality and vigor that makes it a city that is alive day and night with happy people.

Enjoy Egypt

To exact maximum enjoyment from a trip to Egypt, it's probably a good idea to plan an itinerary. Planning a personal itinerary helps to organize travel in the country as well as activities. This is particularly helpful if time is limited. Visit the Pyramids at Giza, take in the night life in Cairo that offers a full compliment of entertainment, the art galleries and museums and sample Egyptian cuisine at lunch and dinner in cafes and restaurants. Then, take a relaxing cruise to slow the active pace of prior days. Finish the trip with fishing, golfing, swimming, diving at the Sharm El Shiekh holiday resorts or soaking up local culture and scenery.

Within Egyptian society there are regional cultures just as there are in other countries of the world. Thus, it's possible to view Bedouin life in the desert as well as typical regional life in and around Egyptian cities and towns. Enjoying Egypt means catapulting oneself back to the days of the reign of Egypt's greatest Pharaohs with all of the wonders of the Egyptian world surrounding the landscape.

Some of the world's best craftsmen can be found in every corner of Egypt. That's why, one visit won't be enough to satisfy the desire to enjoy the people, the sights and sounds, the music and entertainment and the welcome offered to tourists.

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Egypt - Land of the Pharaohs:

Egyptian culture balances the traditional with the contemporary. Tourists planning to book <a href="">holidays to Egypt</a>

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