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The Open Air Museum at Karnak PDF Print E-mail

The Open Air Museum is located across from the  Great Court, opposite to the entrance to Ramesses III's temple in the Temple of Amun.. It is accessed to the left of the first courtyard just before the Second Pylon at Karnak  in modern Luxor  (ancient Thebes) It has a collection of monuments that were discovered elsewhere at Karnak, particularly inside the Second and Third Pylons.

We can find blocks from the beautiful Red Chapel of Hatshepsut, which have only recently been reconstructed into an actual structure. That Chapel served as a shrine for the baroque of Amun.

We can also see the remains of the splendid White Chapel of Senwosret I, the oldest monument at Karnak. The scenes carved on the stones show the king offering to his mighty god Amun- Re and Amun in his ithyphallic form. The ancient administrative areas of Egypt are listed in the form of columns on the parapet. The entire region of Egypt is represented on the chapel of the Pharaoh who is the guarantor of the order established by Amun.

The Alabaster Chapel of Amenhotep I is located north of the museum. It is considered the oldest shrine for the Barque. Inside, the king is shown presenting offerings to the sacred barque.

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