The Tombs of the Nobles

The northern hills of the west bank (Qubbet el-Hawwa or Qubbet el-Hawa meaning windy dome) are filled with the rock-hewn tombs of princes from the Old Kingdom to the Roman period. The 6th Dynasty tombs, some of which form linked…

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Dendera and the Temple of Hathor

Dotted about the landscape of modern Egypt are many ancient temples from the Mediterranean coast all the way to the southern border with the Sudan, most located in the Nile Valley but scattered elsewhere as well. Some of these temples…

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The Temple of Kom-Ombo

Kom Ombo stands on a promontory at a bend in the Nile, at the north end of the largest area of agricultural land south of Gebel el-Silsila, between Aswan and Edfu. Situated on a plateau cut by two long dry…

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Aswan Dam

An old Aswan Dam was built between 1898 and 1902. It was a very big hydrological project undertaken by the British to increase irrigation and hydro-electric energy. However, as Egypt’s population was growing rapidly, a larger dam was needed to…

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