The Mosque of Amr Ibn El-Aas

The mosque is said to have been built on the site of Amr Ibn el-As’s tent at Fustat, is the oldest existing mosque, not just in Cairo, but the entire African Continent. Located north of the Roman Fortress of Babylon,…

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Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum Description To the northwest of the Liberation Square is the large range of buildings (1897-1902) occupied by the Egyptian Museum, which has the world’s largest and finest collection of Egyptian and Graeco-Roman antiquities, founded in 1857 by the…

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Coptic Museum

Coptic Museum Description Attached to El-Moallaqa is the Coptic Museum, founded in 1910 by Morkos Pasha Simaika, the largest and finest collection of Coptic material. The museum was erected at the beginning of the 20th century, using architectural elements from…

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The Nile River

” Egypt is the gift of the River Nile “, said Herodotus, the great Greek historian, on his visit to Egypt ” If you ever visit Egypt and drink water from its Nile, you will sure come back to it…

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Sultan Hasan Mosque

Sultan Hasan Mosque Description On the west side of the Midan Mohammed Ali is the Sultan Hasan Mosque, built in 1356-63, perhaps by a Syrian architect, for the Mameluke Sultan Hasan el-Nasir. Situated on a shelving rock below the Citadel,…

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