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The Pocket Wi-Fi: an essential object to stay connected while travelling

When travelling, you can either turn off your smartphone or take the risk of your phone bill exploding due to roaming. Most travellers have now gotten used to activating the famous airplane mode while abroad, but having access to the…

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SIM card United States: How to have Internet during your trip

Are you planning to travel to the USA in the near future? Do you dream of admiring breath-taking landscapes and do you dream of admiring breath-taking landscapes? However, too enthusiastic and excited, it is impossible for you to wait to…

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Connect your smartphone, tablet or computer to a pocket Wi-Fi

Depending on the operators, hotspot models may vary. However, the principle of use is generally the same from one product to another. While not all manipulations are identical, most of these devices offer the same functionalities. As mentioned above, for…

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Which Pocket Wi-Fi to choose to stay connected everywhere?

4G hotspots, also known as pocket boxes, dominoes or Pocket Wi-Fi (Check for more), provide Wi-Fi Internet access thanks to a simple SIM card that can be slipped into a mini 4G router. It is a practical devices for…

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How to install a “Wi-Fi USB dongle”?

To equip a computer very quickly without a Wi-Fi card, it is one of the easiest solutions to access. Buying a PC Wi-Fi dongle to connect your box to your CPU is one of the viable ways to connect to…

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Pocket boxes: take the Internet everywhere with you!

To be sure to receive mobile Internet wherever you go and to be able to share your connection between several devices, it is possible to use a pocket box. What is it about? As the Internet becomes more widespread, it…

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