A good Internet has become the most popular service for tourists from all over the world, and according to many surveys and studies, is among the travellers’ preferences, such as a quality room service, flights or a full breakfast included in the stay. Thus, most travellers, who currently choose to prepare and book their trips online and find their own offers, they are also striving for the most comfortable, secure and inexpensive solution to have Internet at all times. Are you travelling to Spain and looking for a solution to connect to the Internet in a safe, convenient and inexpensive way? Of course, you have consulted the accommodation websites you have booked, if they have free Wi-Fi, and perhaps now you know the advantages and disadvantages of free connections offered by hotels.

Do you know the difference between a broadband dongle and a Mifi?

Until recently, the dongle has been consolidated as the preferred choice for people seeking to stay connected to the Internet while on the move, however, the expected benefits of the so-called Mifi move the dongles. Check my-webspot.com if you want to know what is a Wi-Fi dongle. If you choose a Dongle in Spain for your Internet connections, you should know that this option allows you to be online with only one device at a time, for example with your laptop, and cannot be used in devices that do not have USB ports, it is a power source using dongles. So, if you want to connect to the Internet in Spain through your tablet or e-book and you don't have USB ports, you can't connect with the dongle and therefore you can't access the Internet in this way. You may have thought about buying a 3G card. In this case, and as we recently explained in our blog, your phone should be released, and know how the "share Internet" option works in your device to get the most out of the Internet signal and assess whether it is worth it for you to sign a contract with the phone company. The truth is that, even if many travellers choose this option to avoid roaming charges when travelling in Spain, there are better alternatives. Faced with the famous dongles, if you are going to use a Mifi in Spain, you should know that they work like small routers and are ideal for those who travel with several devices or if you want to share the Internet signal with several people. With Mifi you can share the Wi-Fi signal with different devices and simultaneously (laptops, tablets, smartphones...) or with people who accompany you, and unlike a dongle, you should not connect to one of your devices, because they have a SIM card inside that emits the portable Wi-Fi signal and other devices connect via Wi-Fi.