When travelling, you can either turn off your smartphone or take the risk of your phone bill exploding due to roaming. Most travellers have now gotten used to activating the famous airplane mode while abroad, but having access to the Internet can greatly improve your trip and sometimes prove very useful... Two months ago, we flew off for a road-trip in southern Morocco. In our suitcases, we had brought a small object that came in handy: a Pocket Wi-Fi! Visit https://www.my-webspot.com/ for more about mobile Wi-Fi devices. So, after testing and approving it, we thought it would be interesting to show you the advantages of a Pocket Wi-Fi when travelling and help you choose the offer that best suits your needs.

The 3 advantages of a Pocket Wi-Fi when travelling

When travelling frequently and in countries where there is no connection, a Pocket Wi-Fi can quickly make your life easier. Here are the 5 main benefits when using a Pocket Wi-Fi device during your travels.

Pocket Wi-Fi

To save time and protect your information online! During our travels, we have all got used to connecting to the public Wi-Fi networks of airports, hotels, and other restaurants... So much time is wasted when we need to find information that homework' stop in a café and ask for the Wi-Fi code. In case you haven't heard, public networks are vulnerable to hacking and theft of information online. Indeed, it takes less than 2 seconds to attack a public Wi-Fi. By using a Pocket Wi-Fi, you protect yourself against these threats. So you can enter your credit card information or connect to your online bank without risk! It is because most Wi-Fi Pocket PCs are equipped with WPA (Wireless Protected Access) encryption, firewall and password, which guarantees your security when you access the Internet.

A Pocket Wi-Fi is useful for business travellers & digital nomads!

Whether you're on the road or at the airport, you can instantly connect to work, check your email or attend a meeting on Skype... And believe me when you work on the web, it changes your life to be able to connect anywhere!

A Pocket Wi-Fi opens the way to discovery

Want to find a good cocktail bar for tonight, find your way to a monument or call your friends and family to tell them about the most beautiful moments of your trip? With a Pocket Wi-Fi, you can make the most of your stay. In addition, a Pocket Wi-Fi avoids roaming costs. Who has never received a large bill due to roaming fees on the way back from a trip? With a Pocket Wi-Fi, you can save up to 95% on data roaming while you have free access to the Internet wherever you go... And that's still a great advantage!