Are you planning to travel to the USA in the near future? Do you dream of admiring breath-taking landscapes and do you dream of admiring breath-taking landscapes? However, too enthusiastic and excited, it is impossible for you to wait to share these incredible moments with your family or friends. But you have a problem: how to stay connected with your friends and family during this incredible journey? Here we give you 4 different methods to stay connected in all circumstances. SIM card United States, pocket Wi-Fi, free Wi-Fi... Many methods exist, but not all are equal. We explain everything in detail below.

The pocket Wi-Fi

There are SIM cards for traveling that allow you to have 12GB of Internet in 3G HSPA, but if you consume a lot of data in general, this offer is not necessarily adapted to your needs. On the other hand, you could opt for pocket Wi-Fi from one of the agencies who sell it or rent it. You can check for further more information about pocket Wi-Fi. These boxes allow you to have many more GB per day. In addition, with a single device you can connect up to 10 different devices, such as smartphones or tablets. This solution offers you an additional security, and a guarantee of having broadband internet access. In addition, it is a good idea to rent a pocket Wi-Fi when you go out in a group, you can share the price of the rental to save money.

SIM card United States: The best way to travel to the USA?

Traveling while being connected is imperative these days. The US SIM card allows you to have 12GB of Internet in 3G. This solution can save you huge roaming costs, at a low cost. In addition, we can deliver wherever you want, in your hotel or directly to your accommodation in the USA. Keep in mind that the SIM card for travel to the USA must be inserted into a phone.  For this reason, the offer will not work with most CDMA phones. Then, if you do not have a phone with a dual SIM card, you must remove your own SIM card to replace it with the American SIM card, which will give you access to a local number during your trip. To find out more about the different SIM card offers available for the United States, read our Top 3 article on offers to travel to the US.

Data roaming in the US or "Roaming charges"

Roaming charges are one of the greatest fears of the modern traveller. This results in Internet bills that should not be a large part of a travel budget. Finally, there are Internet-related taxes, which are too often a source of unpleasant surprises because of the exorbitant price of roaming data. We advise you to pay attention to the "all-inclusive" offers of international operators. These offers are often advantageous on paper, but most of the time roaming data is much too high. In addition, if you have a plan that includes data abroad, your plan may stop and switch to roaming data without you noticing. If your phone uses roaming data without you knowing it, you can receive a huge bill thinking you're staying in your plan.

Free Wi-Fi in the United States

In the USA, there are many free Wi-Fi access points in restaurants, hotels and some public buildings, but you have to keep in mind that you will be dependent on them, do you need to post a picture on Instagram or do you have to order in a restaurant? Do you want to send a WhatsApp message to your friends to make them jealous? Do you dream of finding the shopping centre that will make your head spin? This is a constraint that must be taken into account if you want to stay connected for free. Moreover, if you do not want to have a slow and unstable connection during your entire stay; this solution is not only slow, but also very unsafe. If you want to combine security and connection speed you can opt for the special SIM card for travel.