To equip a computer very quickly without a Wi-Fi card, it is one of the easiest solutions to access. Buying a PC Wi-Fi dongle to connect your box to your CPU is one of the viable ways to connect to the Internet. You can visit for more information about Wi-Fi dongle. Here is a guide that may help you configure your USB Wi-Fi dongle step by step.

How a dongle works

The term dongle refers to a very wide range of products that connect to a mixed input and output port on your electronic unit. It allows dual data transmission. The term Dongle is nowadays mainly used in the Internet field to designate a USB device that can connect to a Wi-Fi router and link it to your computer. Although the connection is certainly slightly slower in this way, it nevertheless makes it possible to enjoy the wireless device included in this dongle key and to quickly connect the flow from your Internet provider to your computer.

Combine router and dongle

First of all, make sure you install the drivers for your device, and then restart your computer to validate them. There are basically two methods to associate a USB dongle and a box. The first, the simplest, is only valid if you have an automatic association and detection system on the router and on the dongle. In these cases, you just need to press in a very short period of time on the buttons of your two devices that will recognize and associate. Other dongles do not have this kind of system. You will therefore have to enter your connection information (WEP/WAP key, box name) in the Dongle interface as if you were using a Wi-Fi card.

3G/4G keys: what you need to know before you buy

With the 3G/4G key, you can have Internet access wherever you are, whenever you want and on any medium (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.). In this article, we explain to you how this technology, which has become, for many, essential, works.

The 3G/4G/4G internet key

Practical and easy to use, the 3G/4G key is almost exclusively used by professionals on the move. Similar to a USB key, it comes in the form of a small gadget that allows the user to enjoy the Internet service via his PC when he does not have a Wi-Fi hotspot nearby.

The operating mode

To use the device, you must first insert the SIM card into the key. In the same way as a mobile phone, it is therefore important to activate the device using the PIN code before you can use it. To do this, simply enter the password provided by the telephone company. For the rest, the mechanism works like a modem.