Safari Nuweiba

Heading towards the North of Dahab & South to Taba there lies the City of Nuweiba. The word Nuweiba means the 'Sparkling Spring' . Nuweiba is mainly divided into three main sections, they consist of port of Nuweiba which has become fairly busy these days, Nuweiba City itself, which has a bazaar and tourist shops, and Tarabin which is the real party area of the destination. Nuweiba lies at both side of Wadi Watir or Watir delta, which is about 57 miles North of Sharm el-Sheikh. Nuweiba is another famous diving destination in Egypt. Nuweiba was once an isolated area that was then developed by investors to be a tourist city of great importance nowadays, due to its unique environment. Nuweiba Red sea beach Besides the diving sites, you will also find camel and jeep adventurers. The Colored Canyon is nearby, and a little beyond is the oasis of Ain el-Furtaga. Be sure to take the road between Nuweiba and Taba if you like beautiful scenery. Nuweiba also has a daily ferry service to the Jordanian port of Aqaba. Tarabin in Nuweiba is a lively area, that was built around an area that was built by the Israeli, during their occupation in 1971. Facilities like banks and other facilities are still Nuweiba palm beachlimited at Nuweiba, only one or two banks that might be found there. Though there are scattered restaurants & caf├ęs here and there to serve travelers. At Night time in Nuweiba you can go to a nightclub or pub to a dine and dance night. Nuweiba sightseeingThere are beach parties planned there by some hotels, enjoy the oriental, international music and dancing. For a classical, romantic night, enjoy one of the unforgettable candle light dinner at one of the nice hotels there. During day time, join one of the daily excursions that goes to St. Catherine monastery, or other excursions that include Camel trekking trips; where you will be fascinated by the colored canyon and nature beauty of the oases; that grows fresh vegetables and fruits; like oranges, almonds, peaches, figs, dates and corn. Jeep trips are a third option where you can head to one of the diving sites there for example, Ras Abu Gallum and spend an excellent diving and snorkeling day, while swimming with dolphins and their babies. In addition to all this, for those who like fishing, it's your chance to spend some quality time by yourself or a companion and go fishing.